Fall 2020 Diversity Program Application

The Fall Diversity Program is an all-inclusive, all-expense-paid program for which round-trip transportation (air, train, bus, gas/mileage reimbursement) will be covered. Attendees will be hosted by current students in the residence halls and will dine on campus throughout the three-day weekend. This program is designed specifically for high school seniors from underrepresented racial, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds from across the United States. 

Please fill out the following application form to be considered for admission into the Fall Diversity Program. The application requires a copy of your unofficial transcript including your final junior year grades. You will also be asked to write one essay, and we recommend writing the essay before continuing the application. This essay prompt is the same one you will find for our Common Application, and it is okay to use the same essay on both. This application is due by Monday, August 31, 2020. Please keep in mind, you cannot save and return to this form!